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Related article: Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 16:50:57 -0700 (PDT) From: Frank Murdock Subject: Adult Bookstore CocksuckerIf you're not old enough to read this then go to another web site. This is a story od consentual sex between a teen boy and adult men, if this offends you don't read it. But if you like it let me know.I love women and pussy and big tits, never been a fan of anal sex, but I think I was born and bred to suck cock. It was just getting that first cock into my mouth. I had, had a little experiece at sucking Lolita Biz cock when I was 12 and then I got some more practice when I was a freshman. I was a spitter back then or let them shoot on my face but for whatever reason I hadn't learned of the pleasures of swallowing loads of cumm till I was a sophmore in high school when I found the only adult boookstore/arcade in Longview/Kelso, WA and the joys of sucking men, as old as my father and grandfather, strangers so there was no attachment. This was back in 1980 so the fear of herpies and aids hadn't happened yet. Back then I was a skinny weak brunette about 5'11" 100lbs and a little pencil dick of about 5 1/2". A tipical teenage nerd without the glasses and pen protecter.Anyway one Saturday I was on my way to visit my grandmother and I walk by this place and remember the XXX books and movie, Must be 18 years old. It made me horny thinking of seeing naked women getting fucked and sucking hard cocks. When I was walking home I was on the opposite side of the block where there was a parking lot and the rear entrance. I looked around to make sure if anyone was watching and decided to go in, even though I was 16 I was hoping he wouldn't ask for ID. As luck would have it the guy behind the counter looked up said hi and went back to reading something. I was very nervous but mad around looking at everything with a hard on. There were dildos and magizines and books, mostly gay and lesbian magizines. I almost creamed in my pants looking at the magizine. I walked over to a doorway that had a curtain. I started to move the curtain and the guy behind the counter scared me when he said, "You need quarters to go back there."I gave him a dollar and got 4 quarters and walked behind the curtain, to a dimmly lit hallway with doors to booths on bothside and a piece of glass with a TV on the other side and a coin slot. There were a couple guys walking around. I nervously said hi as I walked into a booth and closed the door. I watched some wbig titty woman getting fucked by a black man with a huge cock. I pulled out my cock and franticly jacked off and shot my load all over the floor and wall and being a some what good Morman boy I felt very guilty and began to walk out. But as I was doing that I walked by a booth that had a man was standing in a booth with the door open watching some movie playing. I came to realize that those that wanted company left the door open when they started watching a porno.He turned and saw me and as he turned his zipper was undone and he was stroking his hard cock. He looked to be about 40 but I was watching his hard cock. He let go of his cock and wave for me to come into his booth. Nervously I walked into the cramped little booth and he closed and locked the door. and emediatly reached down and started fondling my crotch and I was staring at my cock and he told me to touch it. So I reached out and started stoking ihs cock, then he pointed to the screen were some young naked guy was on his knees sucking another mans cock. "You like that don't you?" He asked and I just said kind of.He stopped fondling my cock and said, "Of course you do I can feel your hard cock. You want to suck my cock I can tell by the way you looked down at my cock." With that he pushed me down to my knees and I engulfed his hard cock into my mouth and began to suck. He asked if I wanted to swallow his cumm, I stopped and said no and went back to sucking his cock, "Then I'm going to shoot it all over your face.""Yeah, that's a good boy, suck daddies cock, make me feel good." He said as I started bobbing my head up and down his cock and that is what I was doing. "You know your job, you fucking cocksucker you need to service men like me." He said and I realized that he was right. Sucking his cock to please him, I wanted to get him off. As I spead up and he began moaning, I knew I was doing good. Right as he was ready to cumm he pushed me back off his cock and with a couple stokes was shooting his cumm all over my face. With some in my mouth I could taste the stong salty flavor of his cumm and before I could stand he thatnked me and was walking out. After I cleaned up a bit I left and at church Sunday I was very guilty and everytime the bishop looked at me I looked down ashamed that he might know what I had down.The shame didn't stop me from going back the next Saturday. I walked in got my quarters and went back to the booths and found someone that wanted a cocksucker like me to help him out. I went into his booth and we didn't talk. I knew what my duty was and closed the door and got on my knees opened his pants up grabbed his cock and started sucking away. I soon had him moaning as I boobed my head up and down on his hard cock. No matter what guilt I may of felt before or after I knew and wanted to suck grown men's cocks. The next thing I knew he was cumming in my mouth and even though I could taste it I spit most of it out onto the floor. Little did I know that would be the last time I ever spit it out and wasted cumm. As I was leaving I noticed a man standing in a booth with the door open and from the glimpse of his cock that I got he was huge.Even though I part of me wanted to leave, the cocksucker in me was stonger and I found myself walking towards him as Lolita Biz if I were hipnotized. As soo as I got into his booth he closed the door and pushed me to my knees and I found myself staring at the biggest cock I had ever seen. It had to be over 10 inches long and thick and as soon as my lips touched his cockhead he had grabbed the back of my head with both hands and rammed as much of his cock down my thoat causing me to gag. He didn't care because he began fucking my mouth hard and deep. I was gagging and choking but he didn't care, he kept fucking me. I tryed to pull my head off his cock but he was too strong and I was stuck to allowing him to fuck my mouth like I was some cheap whore. I wished I hadn't of come in there because tears dripped down my face as he continued his brutal assalt of my thoat. It seemed as if it went on forever he would pullhis cock out so just the cock head was in my mouth and then as quick as it came out he was ramming it back down my thoats. I thought I was going to die with his cock shoved down my throat.His breathing got heavy and I hoped that he would be done soon and sure enough he rammed his cock down my throat one last time and I knew he was cumming because instead of tasting anything, I felt this warm fluid sliding down my troat into my belly and it was warm. Kind of like that first shot of whiskey how it kind of burns its way down, except there Lolita Biz was no burning justs warmth and as didfficult as it was I became addicted to having cumm shot down my throat. As quick as it started it was over and as I sat there on my knees chatching my breath he was finished with me and left. While I never had anyone face fuck me like that since I spent a lot of time while I was in highschool in that book store sucking strange men's cocks. I substituted the lack of love from my father to being a cocksucking whore to men that were as old as my father and older. There were gilt and shameful feelings but the desire to swallow someones cumm alway out wayed any fellings that I shouldn't do that. I was making men feel good and isn't that what every cocksucking whore suposed to do. Get on my knees take out their cock and suck away. Each time sucking for all it was worth knowing that it was not only making them happy I always got a prize at the end to have some cock spew it's nectar into my mouth and down my throat.I really miss the 80s where it seemed like there was an endless supply of cocks to suck. The interesting thing about writing this is it once again makes me cock hungry to once again get onto my knees and suck a good hard cock.
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